A beginner’s guide to joining a Better Births Webinar

Joining in with the webinar is easy, look out for our announcements on the RCM Events page, twitter or facebook. Register for free by clicking on the link.

Put your name and email and you will get a link sent to you immediately or within the hour. Just before the webinar starts, get your computer, tablet or smartphone ready with online access and follow these three steps:

  1. click on the link that you were sent by email,
  2. follow the instructions and a download process will take place,
  3. then, familiarise yourself with the control panel, find the chat area ready for Q&A
You have now joined the webinar

You will hear the host and the presenter and see the screen. If you experience problems with audio and would like to dial in, a phone number is supplied as part of the registration process.

When you have finished, you can exit by clicking on ‘File’ and ‘Leave Webinar’ and you are then logged out of the system.


A few of our past webinars

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