The RCM Better Births Initiative is working with you to promote high quality maternity care through digital resources, case studies, webinars and pilot projects for maternity care. This Initiative is led by the Royal College of Midwives and works collaboratively mainly on through themes that are important for high quality maternity care. We highlight digital resources, host webinars, disseminate case studies about developments and services, and facilitate action through pilot projects. We welcome ideas and joint projects.

"A healthy mother and a healthy baby and family integrity must be the focus of high quality maternity services. High quality care should be safe, effective, woman-centred, timely and equitable. It should also be evidence-based and delivered as close as possible to the communities where women live or work. Getting the best care during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and the postnatal period can be linked to short and long term health and social benefits to mothers, children, families and communities."(RCM, 2014, High Quality Midwifery Care)

The Better Births Initiative is working throughout the continuum of care focusing on three themes:

  • Facilitating normal births for the majority and normality for all women
  • Increasing access to midwifery-led continuity of carer
  • Raising awareness to reduce maternal and newborn health inequalities

As part of the Initiative, we have been working with midwives, maternity services team, healthcare professionals, policy leads and planners to enable change to take place at service level. The resources that are produced will be mainly digital with a focus on providing support and information to assist and connect those who are providing and those who are organising care. We also contribute to learning events, seminars and conferences through interactive sessions and assist with formulating activities relating to the themes.

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