Joining the webinars as a group or for revalidation

These online presentations followed by interactive question and answer sessions, provide an opportunity for group participation or contributing towards the evidence for revalidation.

If you are joining in as a group, the process is the same as an individual sign up, however, you will need to make sure that the group are in a room where the audio can be projected clearly and that they can see the screen.

You can let us know that you are participating as a group by contacting us ahead or by letting us know through chat. You will need to have a keyboard attached to the screen you are using in order to be able to complete the chat with us.

Please contact us if you need certificates for all the attendees in the group.

For revalidation, you can engage with a colleague to reflect on the webinar content, or how the topic relates to your practice or the way maternity care works in your area. Write down the reflection and get it signed off by a colleague following the procedures outlined in your revalidation guidance.

If, as a result of the webinar, you make contact with the presenter, or with other participants and undertake a visit or share further reflections over time, capture this part of the process as well and make sure it is included as part of your evidence.

A few of our past webinars

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