These are free online presentations followed by interactive question and answer sessions, provide an opportunity for group participation or contributing towards the evidence for revalidation.

Join in with future Better Births webinars. It’s free, you need to register and you only need a computer, tablet, or smart phone to watch and hear the presentation. You also get a chance to ask questions through a chat system.If you cannot make it, you can also watch the latest video usually within 2 weeks of the live webinar session.

A beginner's guide to joining a Better Births Webinar

Joining in with the webinar is easy, look out for our announcements on the RCM Events page, twitter or facebook. Register for free by clicking on the link.

Put your name and email and you will get a link sent to you immediately or within the hour. Just before the webinar starts, get your computer, tablet or smartphone ready with online access and follow these three steps:

  1. click on the link that you were sent by email,
  2. follow the instructions and a download process will take place,
  3. then, familiarise yourself with the control panel, find the chat area ready for Q&A

You have now joined the webinar

You will hear the host and the presenter and see the screen. If you experience problems with audio and would like to dial in, a phone number is supplied as part of the registration process.

When you have finished, you can exit by clicking on 'File' and 'Leave Webinar' and you are then logged out of the system.


Joining as a group?

If you are joining in as a group, the process is the same as an individual sign up, however, you will need to make sure that the group are in a room where the audio can be projected clearly and that they can see the screen.

You can let us know that you are participating as a group by contacting us ahead or by letting us know through chat. You will need to have a keyboard attached to the screen you are using in order to be able to complete the chat with us.

Please contact us if you need certificates for all the attendees in the group.

For revalidation, you can engage with a colleague to reflect on the webinar content, or how the topic relates to your practice or the way maternity care works in your area. Write down the reflection and get it signed off by a colleague following the procedures outlined in your revalidation guidance.

If, as a result of the webinar, you make contact with the presenter, or with other participants and undertake a visit or share further reflections over time, capture this part of the process as well and make sure it is included as part of your evidence.


Tips and tricks for using webinars and videos in study days and learning events

You can coordinate your study days and learning events to be on the same day as our live webinar sessions. If you have access to a lecture theatre or seminar room as part of your event, make sure that the internet connection can run live sessions. If you are not sure, we can help with a test run of the technology.

Follow the steps for joining in as an individual, and let us know by email ahead or on chat that you are streaming this as part of your event.

The presentation lasts about 20 minutes, so you can slot this in as part of your agenda or the webinar including question and answer will last for 1 hour in total. We would be happy to receive questions from the audience, however the facilitator will need to send them in by chat.

If you are planning to schedule a webinar and livestream it to your audience, please get in touch with RCM and we will assist with all the test-runs and guidance you require.

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