A student midwife’s journey from inception to qualification is a wide a varied path to tread, comprising of input from mentors, educators, service users and fellow students. This can be about whether the evidence-based practices they are taught in university translate into those they see in practice or whether student midwives are experiencing some form of university/practice mismatch and knowledge disconnect.

We are utilising the Design Councils (2005) ‘double-diamond’ process comprising of four distinct stages. These are discover-design-develop-deliver. There are many reasons to employ collaborative co-production approaches in any discipline – it considers knowledge from all perspectives and seeks practical ways to re-think and re-design experiences for the better.

The REPC project will seek to start the exploration with student midwives’ stories of placement experiences and then draw together women and their families, educators, midwives and mentors into the project. In the stages that follow, we will be working with a small group to work on some of the ways in which student midwives can be supported in making stronger connections between what they learn and what they see in practice.

At this stage we are calling for all student midwives to come forward and share their experiences and stories. Please fill in our short survey.




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