Understanding women and partner's experience as they enter maternity care after fertility treatment is important. Healthtalk.org have out together a series of videos and audio clips to help healthcare professionals understand the journey involved with infertility.

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One of the sections focus on the experiences of women accessing maternity care with a series of videos and personal accounts. 

“But people do put you in the same category as a normal pregnant woman…they think once you are pregnant, well you are the same as everyone else. Well, you might look the same as everybody else, but actually you are not.” (Liz). 

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The experiences of partners are also highlighted in this resource. 

"But I think, yes, however, much you talk there is always going to be that element of doubt. And I just felt that, it is purely really helpless, not knowing what one can do to help, except just be there really. And there is quite a lot of trips you can’t help, and I think those are probably the worst. You know, when you can’t take time off or you can’t go on every single trip down to the hospital. So there was a lot of those." (James)

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This Connections Series is about recognising and acknowledging the additional support that women and families may require following their experience with infertility and subsequently becoming pregnant. With thanks to Katie Eaves, Midwifery Educator and Labour ward coordinator who is passionate about providing support for pregnancy after infertility/ assisted conception.


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