As many as one in five women experience mental ill health during pregnancy or in the year after birth, covering a wide range of conditions including depression, anxiety or in some cases post-partum psychosis.

Presented by Kate Tilbury, Clinical Team Leader from iESO Digital Health, this webinar highlights the research and practicalities of providing an online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) service for women experiencing postnatal depression, stress and anxiety. Kate provides a step by step guide on how patients meet with accredited therapists in a secure and virtual therapy room and their work with commissioners and service providers to provide access to this online CBT service.

Kate Tilbury is an accredited CBT therapist with a background of providing therapy, supervision and managerial roles in various National Health Service (NHS) trusts across the United Kingdom. Kate also works for the University of Exeter supervising trainee Psychotherapists and is responsible for the global therapist training and supervision programs at iESO Digital Health. IESO are commissioned as part of the IAPT service to deliver Online Talking Therapy on behalf of the NHS in many areas across the UK.


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