This online presentation by Julia Gudgeon and Ben Howell is an opportunity to hear from the NHS Digital team on the progress being made specifically on the harnessing digital technology workstream and how this will benefit women and frontline staff.

The England Better Births report states that unbiased information should be made available to all women to help them make their decisions and develop their care plan. This should be through their own digital maternity tool, which enables them to access their own health records and information that is appropriate to them, including the latest evidence and what services are available locally. To support sharing of data and information between professionals and organisations, use of an electronic maternity record should be rolled out nationally. Providers should ensure that the woman shares and can input the information that is important to her.

NHS Digital is leading on the MTP Workstream 7 programme which current involves the following projects:

  • Enabling digital tool(s) for use by women in line with the Better Births vision: Whilst previously focusing on the feedback from women and health care professionals requesting access to safe and accurate information the programme is now focusing on a strategic solution that will support maternity transformation going forward.
  • Using a “capture once use many” approach to a digital maternity service by standardising data to create interoperable records to support high quality safe care during the pregnancy journey regardless of location.
  • Digital maturity : appropriate adoption and uptake of technology. Create a supportive framework for growing digital maturity and capability in Maternity Services.

For more information about the Maternity Transformation Programme or access the resource pack for Local Maternity Systems.


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