This webinar took place in June 2015 and was about the RCM’s global work, the outcomes from the global twinning project which contributed to strengthening of midwifery associations in Cambodia, Nepal, and Uganda.

This Better Births Webinar is with Jude Jones and Nicolette Peel who have a vision about the impact that student midwifery societies can have for student midwives, and ultimately women and their families. This webinar covers the role, development of of activities and events, the opportunities that running a society has given for those involved.

This Better Births Webinar is an opportunity to find out more about how data can be used to support service delivery and development. It is presented by Maggie Davies (Consultant Midwife) and Christine Buckland (Clinical Governance Officer) at Neath & Port Talbot Birth Centre in Wales. Maggie and Christine bring a wealth of knowledge on the practicalities as well as the strategic relevance for the data both for local and national use.

Whether it is about developing research skills and expertise or for career progression, this webinar gives you more information on the opportunities for research funding in the NHS as well as some important tips and tricks for applications. Although the process for applying for research or fellowship grants can be daunting, there are many support services in place from research design to developing a clear course of action and the webinar will provide an overview of the available resources.


This webinar is presented by Rebecca Schiller from Birthrights, the UK’s only organisation dedicated to improving women’s experiences of pregnancy and childbirth by promoting respect for human rights. She presents an overview of their work and how important it is to promote respect and dignity for women in childbirth using the human rights principles.

Join in with future Better Births webinars. It’s free, you need to register and you only need a computer, tablet, or smart phone to watch and hear the presentation. You also get a chance to ask questions through a chat system.If you cannot make it, you can also watch the latest video within 2 weeks of the live webinar session.


This webinar is presented by Serena McLean on the launching of a new home birth service in her trust. She explains the gap in the service that was identified, how the research underpinned the service development and describes how the Peterborough home birth team came into being. Inevitably there were some challenges along the way and Serena shares how she and her team maintained their focus.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition and affects about 1 in every 100 people so is surprisingly common yet is also poorly understood, partly because there are around 40 different types. People with epilepsy are often discriminated against due to lack of information and women in particular can be especially vulnerable when trying to conceive and then on-going through their pregnancy.

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