Tips and tricks for using webinars and videos in study days and learning events

You can coordinate your study days and learning events to be on the same day as our live webinar sessions. If you have access to a lecture theatre or seminar room as part of your event, make sure that the internet connection can run live sessions. If you are not sure, we can help with a test run of the technology.

Follow the steps for joining in as an individual, and let us know by email ahead or on chat that you are streaming this  as part of your event.

The presentation lasts about 20 minutes, so you can slot this in as part of your agenda or the webinar including question and answer will last for 1 hour in total. We would be happy to receive questions from the audience, however the facilitator will need to send them in by chat.

If you are planning to schedule a webinar and livestream it to your audience, please get in touch with us and we will assist with all the test-runs and guidance you require.

A few of our past webinars

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